Montessori Interlock Disc

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Made in Canada - Handcrafted - Free of Plastic Packaging - Eco-friendly

The all hardwood Montessori Interlock Disc is a multifunctional toy that consists of two wooden discs tightly interconnected. Babies can generally grasp the disc around 3 to 4 months of age once they are able to grasp and hold objects. This toy encourages wrist rotation when your baby begins to transfer the disc from hand to hand. Transferring objects from hand to hand stimulates the development of both hemispheres of the brain. Not only does the interlock disc help strengthen your baby’s hand and wrist muscles, it also helps develop coordination. The ability to coordinate the movements of their hands and wrist will help prepare them for future activities such as crawling. Later, this toy can also be used to encourage crawling as it's shape allows it to roll interestingly on the floor which may stimulate and encourage your baby to crawl toward it. 


  • Made from hardwood
  • Finished with all-natural beeswax
  • Measures: 10cm x 6cm