Our values.

Environmentally conscious.

We feel that babies should be protected from harmful toxins and exposed to a more natural environment.  Our goal is to offer a baby the best conditions possible to ensure health and well-being.

In order to promote a sustainable lifestyle, our company supports suppliers that work to produce small-batch, organic, and eco-friendly products.

Gender empowerment.

We believe in gender neutral products that promote creativity and teach children to explore their own interests. This approach avoids socially imposed stereotypes allowing the child to grow and thrive based on their own individuality.

We are also committed to including products made by women-owned companies in all our boxes.

Support growth & development.

We are committed to curating products that are appropriate for your baby’s developmental stages.

With experience in occupational therapy and over 30 years experience in childhood education, we ensure that every toy is purposefully selected to promote your baby’s motor development, social development, sensory development, and emotional development.

About us.

We are a mother and daughter team from the Ottawa area with experience in the field of education and occupational therapy.  Our combined knowledge and expertise help us curate boxes filled with many handmade, sustainable, and organic products which will promote the health and development of your baby.  Our goal is to help people make sound choices when it comes to shopping for a baby.  Babyhood goes by very quickly, so why not slow down and enjoy each moment thoroughly?

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